Forms & Permits
PUC Process
Land Assessment Form
CAL FIRE General Burn Pile Permit
Air Pollution Permit (Example only)
Smoke Management Plan
Permit Information
Air Quality

< 1 acre burn – no permit required
1 acre burn – Air Pollution permit required Must Contact AQ peeps for permit @
Voice: (530) 832-0102
Fax: (530) 832-0101
10 acre burn – Smoke Management Plan required in addition to Air Pollution permit


General pile burn permit

LE-7 (underburn permit)
This permit is free but you (or your designated burn boss) must contact CAL FIRE to receive the permit. They will come out to inspect your property prior to issue the permit.
Contact: 530-257-4171

Burn Bosses for Hire

Chico California

High Sierra Fire
Janesville, CA

Woods Fire
Portola, CA


Plumas Underburn Cooperative
One of the main purposes of the Plumas Underburn Cooperative is training, experience, and skills sharing. PUC has hosted several training events (including Basic 32, “How to Prepare Your Land for Fire” workshops, and TREX), with more always in the works. Below you will find links to online certified trainings as well as some short video trainings.

Training topics are constantly evolving so if there is anything that you would love to see offered, or if you have task books that need sign offs, please reach out and we will try to make it locally available in the near future. Our trainings are aimed at all levels from no fire experience all the way up to Burn Boss.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)
These guys set the national standards for wildland fire trainings. Here is a link to the catalog of classes that can be offered as certified fire trainings

Free online Certified Trainings to become a Wildland Firefighter
This is the starting point for all wildland firefighters. After you take these classes and pass a Pack Test, you can receive a red card certifying you to fight fire on Federal and State land (you do not need this to burn with PUC on private land unless the property owner or Burn Boss requires it). The classes needed are S-130, S-190, L-180, IS-100.C and IS-700.B. You can take these classes free online here or if you check our training calendar, we may have an in person training coming up soon.

Other online Training Resources

Helpful Websites

State PBA Website

Plumas National Forest


Local Air Quality Website

Plumas County Fire Chiefs Association

Plumas County Fire Safe Council

National Wildfire Coordinating Group