The PUC Process

Interested in burning your land? Here’s how we do it step by step:

A landowner reaches out to a Plumas County Fire Safe Council employee (PUC Coordinator) to inquire about using prescribed fire on their property. A PUC Coordinator sets up an appointment.

PUC Coordinator walks site, makes recommendations for site preparation, and reviews procedures & responsibilities with landowner.

Landowner submits a membership application form. Landowners should participate in a different prescribed fire prior to engaging in the rest of this process.

Landowner designates a Burn Boss (RXB). The RXB can be the landowner or someone with adequate experience to lead a prescribed fire.

Landowner and RXB write the Burn Plan together.

Landowner contacts CAL FIRE to see if their burn requires a permit. If applicable landowner submits Burn Plan and applies for permit.

Landowner contacts Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District to see if their burn requires a permit. If applicable, landowner applies for permit and pays fees. Burns over 10 acres also need a Smoke Management Plan.

Landowner preps land based on PUC recommendations (and CAL FIRE’s if applicable). Landowner can recruit other PUC members to help.

Landowner and PUC Coordinator send out an email to get people to attend the burn.

The day of the burn…

RXB completes the PUC Go/No-Go Worksheet. Landowner, RXB, and all participants sign liability waivers.

RXB briefs participants, assigns roles, and establishes leaders intent.

After ignitions stop…

RXB holds an after action review/debrief.

Landowner patrols firelines and mops up fire as necessary to avoid an escape. Landowner will patrol every day until the prescribed fire is completely cold.

We burn again in 2-5 years, establishing a frequent fire regime.

Click HERE for our Permit Decision Matrix

Was that a lot of words? Read the PUC Underburn Process PDF HERE or the Pile Burn Process PDF HERE to find a simplified version.